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Live a life without borders




Citizenship Programs


Bespoke citizenship planning and citizenship by investment programs for businesses and high net worth individuals.

Residency Programs


Permanent residency programs within a wide selection of European countries in order to travel or stay without any limitations.

Immigration Advice

Immigration solicitors with high success rates on all types of visa applications. Get professional and dedicated legal advice from market experts.


Our Services

Citizenship Programs

Citizenship programs are mostly offered to people who are prepared to invest in the country of choice. Citizenship gives them all inherent rights which ordinary residents enjoy.


The following are Alpha Citizenship's most successful destinations;


- St. Lucia :  A country in the Americas between the Caribbean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean, it offers access to over 140 various destinations visa-free. These include unique lifestyle and business destinations.

- Portugal : Beautiful country located in southwestern Europe. Known for being among the oldest countries in the world.

It provides holders access to over 170 destinations worldwide visa-free. With the passport, you can also get settlement rights in all member states of the European Union.

- Malta : It is a country known for having the world's leading citizenship program.
With the Malta Individual Investor Program, the holder gets many privileges such as the right to live, work, and study in all member states of the European Union.

Residency Programs

Permanent residency gives you many of the same rights as citizenship. These include the rights to travel, live, and work in the country. However, with the residency program, you are free of a few obligations that come with citizenship.


Some of our top residency programs include;

- Canada: As a country renowned for its clean environment, low crime rate, and a high standard of living, it is sought after by many people.


- Malta: Known for its gorgeous climate, friendly people, and excellent quality of life, Malta is a dream destination.


- Portugal: Ranks highly among the most peaceful and globalized countries. Also, Portugal is the world leading producer of corks for wine bottles and such.


- Switzerland: Known for a high quality of life, some of its cities, especially Zurich and Geneva, are featured prominently among the best cities to reside.


About US

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Michael L. Oshosanwo - MCSI, MBA, FCCA
Dr. Ken Onyeali Ikpe
Non Executive Director

Every year hundreds of high net worth individuals rely on our well established network and expertise in order to acquire citizenship or residency in their preferred country.

All cases are treated with the utmost importance; no matter the investment size or nature of the matter.
Every client receives the benefit of over 50 years of combined experience and the most professional service at all times.


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