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Unite Kingdom Residency Program

The UK is a country that is renowned for having a stable democratic government. It is, therefore, one of the best places to reside and do business. The UK's capital, London, is one of the world’s financial giants. It has come to have the highest GDP in Europe.

The UK has some of the world's best educational institutions. Schools such as the Kings College and London School of Economics have excellent reputations. Finally, the UK's time zone falls Between USA and Asia; it's an ideal location that is suitable for business.

Tier 1 Investor visa
This category is meant for investors who make a significant financial investment in the UK. 

* Applicants must invest more than GBP 2 million in the UK 
* Applicants must show that they have more than GBP 2 million funds in their control in a recognized banking facility
* Applicants should have invested in the UK by way of share or loan capital in active and trading UK-registered companies for a minimum of five years
* Applicants should make the UK their main home. Applicants and their spouse should not spend more than 180 days per year outside the UK

Tier 1 Innovator
This category is meant for individuals who demonstrate relevant experience in business. This means the individual has to start or run an existing business in the UK.

* Applicant should be over the age of 18
* Applicants should have at least GBP 50,000 in investment funds if they want to set up a new business
* Before application, a Home-Office-approved endorsing body must assess the applicants’ business idea to check for its viability. If approved, the body will provide an endorsement letter to submit with the application
* Applicants must be outside the European Economic Area and Switzerland

Advantages of UK Residency
* London is Internationally renowned for its business environment and it is Bitcoin UK hub for digital assets. 

* The UK has an attractive tax system
* Ease of travel and mobility - London has high-speed rail links to other cities as well as international flight connections to almost all major cities in the world
* The UK has some of the best schools and universities

United Kingdom Residency Program



Leading European Economy

Britain is on track to overtake France and Germany to become the biggest economy in Europe, according to an authoritative global forecast.

Visa Free Travel

Ease of visit in the Commonwealth countries.
Get to travel to over 186 destinations visa-free or visa-on-arrival

 Free Healthcare and Treatment

When it comes to medical care, Germany has one of the best reputations in the world. All citizens are required to have medical insurance.

Family Package

Applicants can get full citizenship and passports for themselves and their family


You will find a summary of United Kingdom's requirements in the table below.

Click on the pdf file to compare those requirements to all our other programs.


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