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Germany Residency Program

Germany is one of the most influential countries in Central Europe. Germany is known for its technological advancement and manufacture of high tech products. It also has substantial investment opportunities as evidenced by the large number of the world’s biggest corporations having a presence there.
The climate has been described as temperate with humid winds with winters being cool and warmer summers. There is no consistent dry season.
Germany has a highly skilled workforce with a strong economy majorly supported by the service sector. It has the largest national economy in Europe.
Finally, Germany has fantastic folk festival traditions which attract tourists world over.
To get residency in Germany, applicants are required to buy real estate and then invest in a regional development fund. If the applicants qualify for residency, they are granted permanent resident status after 3 years together with their spouse and children under the age of 18.

Germany Residency Requirements:
* Property Investment – applicants should Purchase off-plan real estate which has a minimum value of €250,000
* Entrepreneurial Investment – Applicants should invest a minimum of €100,000 into a regional development fund
* Applicants should be over the age of 18
* Applicants should have proof of health insurance coverage recognized in Germany
* Applicants should have no prior criminal record

Advantages of Germany Residency Program
* Successful applicants get permanent residency in a top EU nation
* Successful applicants can travel within the Schengen Area Visa-free
* There are no minimum residency requirements
* Applicants only need a minimum capital outlay of about €350,000
* Germany has an excellent internationally renowned education system. It has some of the most prestigious schools in Europe
* German has an exceptional standard of living with modern and affordable health care
* Germany has an unrivalled travel infrastructure

There is a vibrant culture in Germany due to the many religions and ethnicities represented.

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Rapid Economic Growth

It’s Europe’s largest economy and in the past decade it expanded at its fastest rate.

Germany's employment laws is very favorable to entrepreneurs and start-ups.

Visa Free Travel

Get to travel to over 170 destinations visa-free or visa-on-arrival

Modern And Efficient Medical Services

When it comes to medical care, Germany has one of the best reputations in the world. All citizens are required to have medical insurance.

Family Package

Applicants can get full citizenship and passports for themselves and their family


You will find a summary of Germany's requirements in the table below.

Click on the pdf file to compare those requirements to all our other programs.


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