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Since Antigua and Barbuda is a member of the Commonwealth, its citizens enjoy privileges in other commonwealth member states


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Cyprus Citizenship Program

Cyprus is an island country located in the Mediterranean.

Its closest neighbors include Turkey, Syria, Lebanon, Israel and Palestine. 

The country is mostly semi-arid with one of the warmest climates.
The economy is mostly fueled by the financial industry where most people use Cyprus as a tax haven. This has led Cyprus to be used for offshore businesses due to its low taxes.

The other significant contributors to the country’s GDP are tourism and shipping.
Finally, Cyprus has a modern transport infrastructure. Its roads and airports are well maintained.

Cyprus Investment Program
A foreigner who meets one of the financial requirements can apply for Cypriot citizenship.

* Applicants should buy property in Cyprus with a minimum value of €500,000, to be held in perpetuity. (if applicants proceed with the real estate investment option, this property can be included in the €2,000,000 investment.)
* Applicants should provide a minimum of €2,000,000 into one of the following options;
* Investment in real estate, developments and infrastructure projects.
* Investment into alternative investment funds or financial assets of the country.
* Purchase, creation or participation in the country’s businesses and companies.
* A combination of any of the above.
* Applicants should provide €7,500 in citizenship fees and other taxes depending on selection.
If applicants choose to qualify using the €2,000,000 private residence purchase, the private residence can be liquidated and replaced with a €500,000 property after three years.
* Applicants should buy property with a minimum value of EUR 300,000 plus VAT in Cyprus
* Applicants should have an annual income of at least EUR 30,000 from abroad
* Applicants should have a minimum of EUR 30,000 transferred from overseas and deposited into a Cyprus bank in a three-year fixed deposit account
* Residence permit holders must visit Cyprus at least once every two years to maintain their residence status


Advantages of a Cypriot Citizenship
* Cyprus has a warm and stable climate
* The country is conveniently located
* Cyprus has a reliable transport and telecommunications system
* Cyprus has a transparent regulatory and legal framework

Cyprus has a modern and service-based economy

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Sunny European Island

Enjoy full European citizenship while living in a wonderful setitng at low cost 

Visa Free Travel

Get to travel to over 173 destinations visa-free or visa-on-arrival

Low Income Tax Rates 

Cyprus has low income tax policy and pro-business legislation. It is a great starting point for international business expansion. 

Citizenship For Life

Once your citizenship has been granted, it is your for life and you may also sponsor your family member. 

Full Requirements 

You will find a summary of Cyprus' requirements in the table below.

Click on the pdf file to compare those requirements to all our other programs.


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