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Live a life without borders




Visa Free Travel


Get to travel to over 149 destinations visa-free or visa-on-arrival



Since Antigua and Barbuda is a member of the Commonwealth, its citizens enjoy privileges in other commonwealth member states


Quality OF Life 


Beautiful lands with easy access to North America and Europe




Access to EU Residency Status 

Enjoy EU permanent residency and citizenship. Therefore, you will have the possibility to rent your property in order to maximize your return on investment.

Visa Free Travel

Get to travel to over 170 international destinations visa-free or visa-on-arrival

Attractive Tax Regime
Advantageous tax regime for non habitual residents and new citizens. 
Family Package

Applicants can get full citizenship and passports for themselves and their family


You will find a summary of Portugal's requirements in the table below.

Click on the pdf file to compare those requirements to all our other programs.


Portugal Residency Program

Portugal is a beautiful country located in southwestern Europe. Known for being among the oldest countries in the world, Portugal has an exceptional human development index ranking with a population of about 10.2 million people. This, coupled with an excellent reputation, make Portugal one of the worlds most globalized countries. 
Portuguese is the official language with English being widely understood and spoken. The country is also a member of the EU, and with its visa, you can easily access Europe’s Schengen Area. Portugal uses the euro as its official currency.
With a third of its economy dependent on manufacturing, Portugal is the world's largest supplier of cork. Also, Portugal is committed to creating and using renewable sources of power. It has the world's most efficient wind tower.
Portugal boasts a rich history, a lively culture, exceptional cuisine, a mild climate, stunning beaches, and an idyllic countryside.

Golden Residence Permit Program
This program is for non-EU nationals who want a five-year residence through investment.  With the permit, you get to live, work and study in Portugal with access to Europe’s Schengen area. The golden residence permit is valid one year after issue and can be renewed for two years.

The applicant should;
* Provide a Capital transfer of over EUR 1 million into a recognized financial institution in Portugal
* Provide EUR 350,000 for research activities that are part of the national scientific and technological system
* Provide EUR 250,000 to support artistic endeavours or maintenance of heritage sites
* Provide EUR 350,000 to buy investment funds units or venture capital funds of companies registered in Portugal, with a five-year maturity period and a minimum of 60% of the investment portfolio going to companies with head offices in Portugal
* Buy real estate with a minimum value of EUR 500,000
* Purchase and refurbish property that is older than 30 years and whose value is over EUR 350,000
* Create a minimum of 10 new jobs
* Provide EUR 350,000 for the incorporation of a company registered in Portugal, or increasing the share capital of a company

Advantages of Residence in Portugal
* Access to Europe’s Schengen Area Visa-free
* Successful applicants can apply for citizenship after five years as a legal resident and keep other citizenships
* Portugal has wonderful educational facilities
* Portugal has world-class healthcare facilities
* Portugal has a high-quality lifestyle

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