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Get to travel to over 149 destinations visa-free or visa-on-arrival



Since Antigua and Barbuda is a member of the Commonwealth, its citizens enjoy privileges in other commonwealth member states


Quality OF Life 


Beautiful lands with easy access to North America and Europe




Paradisiacal Lifestyle

Small sunny island with stunning beaches and political stabilty.

Pollution Free & Stress Free 

Ideal location for people looking to escape the rat-race and the big inner city pollution. Anguilla has a small population of just over 15,000 citizens, all living in perfect harmony with their environment.

Attractive Tax Regime

Live and work under a pro-business government and enjoy low income tax. 

Full Requirements 

You will find a summary of Anguilla's requirements in the table below.

Click on the pdf file to compare those requirements to all our other programs.

Antigua Citizenship Program

If you live in a big city and would like a permanent change of scenery, you should consider moving to a more secluded place. Although it’s not cut off from the rest of the world, Anguilla is a territory where time moves slower and people are more relaxed. There is only around 15,000 people living on this island, all of whom get to enjoy the political stability of this place and its attractive tax regime.

Anguilla is a Caribbean island where you can get away from the stressful situations that are common in densely populated cities. This is why it is a popular tourist destination. However, coming here for a 10-day vacation won’t help you get away from your stressful life, which is why you should consider becoming a resident of this British Overseas Territory.

It’s worth noting that unlike its neighboring independent islands, Anguilla does not have a citizenship by investment program. Instead, there are two alternatives – the permanent residency and the high value resident program.


Those who wish to become tax residents in Anguilla will have to meet a number of requirements:
- Paying $75,000 each year to Anguilla’s Treasury in annual worldwide income tax.
- Spending a minimum of 45 days on the island each year.
- Declaring in writing that you are not spending more than 183 days in any other country.
- Establishing memberships, bank accounts, and other genuine links on the island.
- Paying the program fees.
- Owning and maintaining a property on the island valued $400,000 or more.

Even just by looking at photos of Anguilla, you can see some clear benefits of this program. First of all, you’ll get to enjoy a peaceful life in the Caribbean. This is what some people dream of all of their lives. On top of that, you’ll get to stay here as long as you want as a tax resident. In case you need to leave your home country quickly and go somewhere, Anguilla can be the safe haven you need for your family.
Of course, there are other benefits to becoming a tax resident on this island. For instance, you’ll get to protect your assets. Note that this territory has quite a few reputable trust and wealth management firms. Apart from that, you will have the opportunity to simplify your annual worldwide income tax liability as well.
In case you want a permanent residency in Anguilla for a family of four, you will have to either purchase approved real estate in excess of $750,000. For each additional dependent, you will have to make an investment of $100,000. Know that you won’t be able to sell this property for the next five years. Another way to get permanent residency is to make a contribution to Anguilla’s Capital Development Fund. The main applicant has to make a contribution of $150,00 while the spouse or dependents need to pay $50,000 each.


Of course, you’ll also have to pay application processing and due diligence fees.
Even though this may sound like a lot of money at first, it’s worth it. You’ll become a permanent resident of a Caribbean island where you slow down and really enjoy live. You will also have outstanding tax benefits and the option to apply for a full British citizenship after spending at least five years on the island.


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